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"He (Dr. Kass) offered a quick and accurate diagnosis of my medically rare throat condition and was very reassuring of my prognosis. Excellent bedside manner and this is coming from a nurse. He sat down with me, explained the results, and his recommendations. He promptly referred me to an ENT surgeon who he knows specializes in my rare condition and I look forward to breathing much easier in the near future. I am forever thankful to you!"

- Tracy F.

"Dr. Fox was just wonderful to me. She did a perfect job with my sinus surgery. She is very caring, smart, and an excellent top-notch surgeon. She answered all my questions and took a lot of time with me at my appointments."

- Sue J.

"Dr. Zachary Fridirichi successfully removed a tumor on my parotid gland. He was honest with me from the start. He knew I was concerned about scarring and did a beautiful job to minimize it. Follow up was great too. I couldn't be more pleased!"

- Susan D.

"My younger brother was referred to Dr.Ubell for a lump on his neck- Dr.Ubell was very knowledgeable and made a quick and accurate diagnosis. Thankfully after Dr.Ubell ordered an ultrasound of my brother's neck the lump turned out to be nothing serious, it was just an enlarged gland but it was still a scary thing to go through as a family. Dr.Ubell's bedside manner was phenomenal, you can tell he is a very genuine person and really cares about his patients. Dr.Ubell's extensive knowledge and compassion helped to ease my mother's nerves! A few other members of my family have also seen Dr.Ubell in the past and he has been great every time, I would 100% recommend Dr.Ubell to anyone."

- Krista

"I came to her on an emergent issue. She was very thorough with my exam. I have a ruptured eardrum, she was gentle and explained things clearly. She set up a good treatment plan with follow-up. She took time to hear my concerns with symptoms related to this and really listened. I felt like a real person at a doctor's office, not just a number. It is apparent she loves her job, she's a real asset to the medical community. Her office staff is also very nice. Would recommend her to anyone!"

- Lesa

Hearing Loss Prevention Waukesha WI Professional Hearing Services

"Dr. Milligan did a great job! I really enjoyed being a patient of yours. Keep up the great work."

- J.S.

"Everything was great and explained to our understanding. Thank You! For making me being able to hear again."

- K.J.

"The dispense meeting was to the point, informative, and clear. Wearing the hearing aids has been a complete joy to me. I share with everyone my story and my new "bionic ears."

- C.B.

"Dr. Irene was very thorough and provided relevant information. I appreciate the follow-up regarding streaming options for team meetings."

- D.K.

"Dr. Talmage was very informative. All the information I was given was straightforward and crystal clear"

- J.B.

"The entire staff was knowledgeable, kind, and easy to talk with."

- J.F.

"Dr. Irene was great from initial discussion, options, fitting and features explanation. I felt confident and well prepared to start usage."

- G.J.

"The whole process from start to finish was top-notch! Dr. Irene was thorough with all of the device features. I highly recommend them!"

- Christopher

"Experience was excellent! Everything was explained in detail and all questions answered completely."

- J.M.

"The appointment was done in a very professional manner. Dr. Irene went above and beyond to accommodate. Forever grateful."

- T.G.

"Excellent initial instructions. Having never experienced professional hearing assistance, I am most grateful to have had the support she has provided, which allowed the confidence I have experienced. Dr. Irene has been “meticulous” in her level of willingness to provide the best possible product for my needs. Her wisdom in moving me away from my initial concern … which was entirely based on appearance and vanity, to make the wisest choice in the type of hearing devices is sincerely appreciated."

- A.G.

"I am so very happy with the quality of my hearing aids. It is good to hear every word in a complete sentence and understand what people are talking about."

- M.B.

"Your (Dr. Fournier) experience, kindness, and professionalism is second to none. Experience to me was great, especially me being very, very, hard on hearing. Super Job! Was a pleasure coming in. I know I selected the Best!"

- R.R.

"You don't need a marriage counselor when you have a good audiologist."

- Cheryl

"Thank you, a very thoughtful touch to your otherwise excellent service."

- Dick

"The fitting appointment went well. All my questions were answered. I left feeling confident about my new hearing aids."

- C.S.

"They did great job explaining everything, were very patient, and took time to answer all questions."

- G.H.

"Due to my hearing loss, hearing in car rides was difficult; however, with the use of the Compilot and Remote Microphone accessories I was able to converse and even join in singing, making car rides enjoyable once again! Thank you!"

- J.N.

"A good job! A thorough explanation was given to us at my hearing aid pick-up appointment."

- J.C.

"This was a good process - thank you for engaging my wife and I and answering all our questions."

- K.K.

"In the past I used hearing services that didn't have audiologist and was very disappointed in how my hearing aids worked. Then I went to Professional Hearing Services and wow what a difference it made to go to true professionals who knew what they were doing."

- B.E.

"My hearing aid pick-up appointment went very well and I felt well prepared. I was glad to have all the reading material to refer to. I appreciate being able to practice replacing domes and waxtraps before I left."

- R.W.

"Everything you did was excellent and helpful. I also like I can call you if i have questions in the future."

- M.H.

"From initial hearing evaluation through receipt of hearing aids everything explained in detail and all questions answered. I appreciate [Dr. Irene] spending a lot of time determining the correct aids for my lifestyle and explaining in detail the types, operation, and what to expect from hearing aids. It was a very pleasant experience."

- P.S.

"My audiologist was very informative and knowledgeable - her patience was the key to a good experience for a hearing aid purchase."

- T.K.

"You did a wonderful job. You are an extraordinary good [audiologist] and very compassionate, even doing a phone call to my home."

- H.L.

"You have done an excellent job. Very informative and very patient to make sure my hearing aids fit properly and I was satisfied with the results. Will highly recommend."

- K.P.

"I am finally in the world again. I am perfectly satisfied with my audiologist's expertise. I cannnot believe all that I am hearing - running water, the furance, refrigerator, and of course human conversation."

- S.H.

"Doctor provided excellent and the highest of professional services. I would and will recommend anyone to Moreland Medical Center Hearing Services in Suite 102. Thank You!"

- J.W.

"Dr. Talmage is a kind and caring professional. She is a conscientious practitioner and a good listener."

- T.M.L


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