Ear Infections in Waukesha WI?

find the best chiropractic care for ear infections

Ear infections in childhood are all too common, but that does not necessarily mean they are a normal part of the growing process. It is common to think that ear infections are caused by a bacterial infection and to run straight to your doctor or the hospital assuming antibiotics are needed.

Even doctors find it difficult to diagnose the cause of an ear infection in Waukesha WI because the symptoms, including pain, loss of sleep and appetite, vomiting, difficulty hearing, and fever are often the same regardless of the source.

Not only is it difficult balancing work with a sick kid, who wants to see their child needlessly suffer from another ear infection?

Diagnosis and Treatments of Ear Infections in Waukesha WI

As mentioned above, an ear infection is occasionally a simple bacterial infection that will respond to antibiotics, but taking antibiotics regularly is not good for your developing child's gut flora and immune system. This may be the reason why you are searching for a solution for chronic ear infections and ear tubes for your child.

Another common treatment for chronic ear infections is the insertion of "ear tubes", also known as tympanostomy tubes. This is a minor procedure that will require the child to be under anesthesia. The surgeon will make a small slit in each eardrum, allowing the fluid from the middle ear to drain out. Since there is direct access to the eardrum through the ear canal, there are no visible cuts or stitches. At the end of the procedure, a small plastic tube will be placed in the eardrum to prevent fluid from building over time.


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