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The physicians of Moreland ENT and audiologists of Professional Hearing Services have provided Waukesha County with quality care for over 40 years. We are always accepting new patients of all ages in Waukesha WI. Our team is ready to help you, call us today!

Services We offer in Waukesha WI

Here is a list of some of the services we offer to our patients.

If you are having difficulty breathing, it may be from a problem in the upper airway. We are able to evaluate and treat patients for any airway problem from the nose or lips all the way to the trachea in the neck. Most of the time, one visit is enough to figure out what is causing the problem.

Seasonal or year-round allergies are among the most common reasons people develop ear, nose, and throat problems. We treat most allergy problems ourselves and work closely with Allergy physicians if full allergy testing is needed.

Whether you’re having mild dizziness or a full room-spinning vertigo sensation, we listen to you and perform a complete evaluation to get to the cause of the problem. Most of the time, no further testing is necessary. Sometimes, the solution is a simple maneuver done in the clinic. Other times, it’s more complicated. Either way, we work with you and other providers to get you back on your feet and confident.

A diagnostic evaluation will determine if you have hearing loss, what type, and the severity. During the 30-minute evaluation, you will listen to beeps and repeat words and sentences. After the testing is complete, the audiologists will review the results of the test with you and explain the sounds that you are missing and if there are any medical concerns they will refer you to one of our ear, nose, and throat physicians for evaluation. Recommendations for rehabilitation will be reviewed and follow-up appointments will be scheduled if needed.

Impressions of the ears are a simple procedure, where a small foam block is placed into the ear canal and material is inserted to obtain a mold of your ear. After a few minutes, the mold is removed and can be used to create your own custom earpiece. Custom earpieces are available for swim plugs, noise protection, hunter’s hearing protection, and snore plugs. The advantage of custom devices is a perfect, comfortable fit for your ears.

The audiologists work with our patients to develop a hearing healthcare plan based on your goals, lifestyle, budget, and cosmetic preferences. We offer the latest digital technology from four of the five major manufacturers of hearing aids: Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, and Starkey. In addition to helping you hear better, hearing aids are rechargeable, can connect wireless to smartphones, track fitness, and stream music. These sophisticated devices can help restore the sounds that you have been missing.

We service and repair hearing aids manufactured by the following companies: Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, and Starkey. We can help you whether you initially purchased your hearing aids from us or from somewhere else.

A full sleep study at a sleep center involves staying overnight at the sleep center with a lot of monitors attached to evaluate a full array of possible sleep disorders, but for most people, that’s not necessary. Through our office, we offer the convenience of a home sleep study, where you take the equipment home and sleep in your own bed. We find that it’s much more representative of an actual night of sleep for you, and it can diagnose the most common sleep disorders. We will show you how to set up a few monitors, you sleep in your own bed, and you bring the device back the next day. We have results for you a few days after that.

We make sure we are up to date on the latest techniques to alleviate your ENT problems. We were among the first in the state to use balloon sinuplasty both in the office and in the operating room. We offer cryotherapy for chronic nasal congestion and runny nose. We have laser surgery capabilities in our office. Whatever you need to make you better, we can make it happen.

Whether it’s trouble breathing through your nose, constant congestion and runny nose, or persistent sinus infections, we can take care of you! We have the latest technology and procedures to fully evaluate and treat nose and sinus problems. This includes in-office CT scans, in-office endoscopy, balloon sinuplasty, cryotherapy, and even surgery if that’s necessary.

As comprehensive otolaryngologists, we take care of everyone from newborns to geriatric patients. We have confidence and years of experience caring for pediatric patients. The most common reason children see us is for frequent ear infections or tonsil issues, but we see patients for almost anything going on in the ear, nose, throat, or neck region.

Getting good sleep is essential to your well being. If you’re not getting good sleep, we will work with you to figure out what is causing a problem and what we can do to resolve it. We offer home sleep studies through our office, and we can help with both surgical and non-surgical solutions.

Are you sleeping great, but your sleep partner isn’t? Maybe neither of you is sleeping soundly. Maybe you’re on this website so you can make an appointment for your significant other to see us! We know how to find out what’s causing the problem and what we can do to fix it, so everyone is getting better sleep.

Difficulty swallowing can cause great distress to patients. We work together with Speech Pathologists to figure out what is causing the difficulty swallowing, and what are the practical things we can do to solve the problem.

If you’re having voice problems for more than a month, you should be evaluated by an otolaryngologist. At our office, we have full capabilities to evaluate speech and voice disorders, including videostroboscopy, where we can record and get a slow-motion view of the vibration of your vocal cords. We stay up to date on the latest techniques to treat as many things as possible in the office, without needing any surgery.


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