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Keep reading to learn how to end your sinus problems and regain your life in Waukesha WI...

You may not even realize the effects of a sinus infection besides feeling so bad. Maybe you're missing work frequently, or not working as well when you are at work. Meanwhile, your friends all see you as "sick all the time." You probably don't feel like doing things with your friends if you have sinus symptoms, and that can be tough on relationships too!

Sinus infections can affect your personal life just as much as it affects your professional one--and you may need to take some action soon before things get worse for you.

The doctors at Moreland ENT see so much success because they take time early on to really get into how each patient's specific case develops differently from others. No two cases ever turn out the same, which means there's always something new to learn about each person who walks into our clinic.

The team at Moreland ENT is highly skilled and experienced in surgical and non-surgical solutions for sinus problems. We see a wide range of patients with these conditions, ranging from people who need surgery or balloon sinuplasty to those looking into non-surgical solutions like medications or allergy shots.

Read more about our treatments below:

Oral Medications (Treatment) in Waukesha WI

Antihistamines and decongestants are often helpful for treating sinus issues caused by allergies and medication may also be required to cure a bacterial infection that's making you feel unwell.

Many people find their symptoms clear up on their own after taking self-care measures like staying hydrated or using nasal decongestants, but persistent problems might need antibiotics from your doctor in order to get better again quickly.

Ear Nose and Throat Waukesha WI Oral Medication

Nasal Spray (Treatment)

Ear Nose and Throat Waukesha WI Nasal Spray

The nose is an amazing organ, taking in air and filtering out dust or pollen before it even reaches the lungs! But sometimes people experience a runny or blocked nose that can be due to these particles. A common problem for those with allergies like hay fever could result from inflammation-causing swelling inside the nasal passages. This makes them more sensitive--leading to greater congestion, postnasal drip, cough, and sore throat symptoms too.

One way to prevent this is with steroid nasal sprays which reduce swelling so your body doesn't keep irritating itself unnecessarily.

Immunotherapy (Treatment)

Are allergies causing you persistent problems? If so, immunotherapy (allergy shots) might be the best option for you.

Immunotherapy is administered by an allergist and has the goal of gradually desensitizing a patient from their allergies. If you're not sure if it is allergy-related or something else entirely that might be affecting you, our specialists will help get this figured out and provide treatment recommendations for you!

Ear Nose and Throat Waukesha WI Immunotherapy

Surgery - Balloon Sinusplasty

This is a minor, outpatient procedure that does not require incisions, cutting, or the removal of bone or tissue. There is less pain, risk of infection, blood loss and most can return to normal activity within hours after the procedure.

Ear Nose and Throat Waukesha WI Sinus Pain

This may be recommended for patients who have not responded to medication, have headaches around the eyes, difficulty breathing through the nose, or other issues.

This is a procedure where a small wire catheter with a tiny balloon is passed through the nostril to gain access to the blocked air passage.

The balloon is then inflated opening the passageway and then deflated and removed. Since this is passed through the nostril there is no cutting, bruising, or risk with the procedure.

Surgery - Other Options

We offer a variety of other sinus surgery procedures and would discuss those options with you if you were a candidate for that procedure.

Our philosophy of care is to start with minimally invasive, low cost and low-risk treatments first and slowly progress if your condition has not resolved. This decision is always made with your input and a custom treatment plan for your specific problem is how we handle all of our patient's issues.

Ear Nose and Throat Waukesha WI Other Options


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