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Hearing Loss and Prevention Waukesha WI Troubleshooting

It’s never convenient when your hearing aid stops working, but these tips can help pinpoint the problem so you can hear well again. Check out these steps to help troubleshoot hearing aids in Waukesha WI.

Troubleshooting Hearing Aids in Waukesha WI

Problem: The aid stops working altogether. There’s no sound at all when the battery is engaged.

  • Make sure to try a fresh battery. Even if the battery was recently changed, it’s a good idea to try one fresh battery.
    If a fresh battery doesn’t solve the problem, there’s no need to waste extra batteries.
  • Other possible causes: Wax may be clogging the sound bore. Try cleaning the aid, and changing the wax trap (wax filter).
  • The aid may also be dead due to malfunction. Call and make an appointment or arrange to drop off the aid for inspection. Depending on the cause, it may need to be sent for repair.

Problem: The battery in my hearing aid is not lasting as long as it usually does.

  • Moisture can sometimes cause a hearing aid battery to malfunction. If you notice the problem occurs after exercising, gardening, or other activities where you may perspire, it could be moisture. Store your hearing aid in a hearing aid drier overnight and replace with a fresh battery in the morning.
  • Battery packages can sometimes be defective. If you have experienced the problem with a fresh package of batteries, try a different package of batteries. Look at the expiration date to ensure that the packages are from a different lot. If the problem continues with the new package, contact the office to schedule a hearing aid check appointment.
  • It is recommended that you remove the sticker from your battery prior to use and allow the battery to stand for at least 2 minutes to reach its full voltage. Battery life can increase by almost an additional day.
  • Streaming through Bluetooth or accessories can impact battery life. If you have increased the amount of time that you are streaming, the battery life will reduce faster that it may have in the past. In some instruments, the battery life can reduce by half with heavy streaming. Consider turning off your Bluetooth connect or accessories to evaluate the true life of your battery. If you still feel the life is significantly reduced, contact the office to schedule a hearing aid check appointment.

Problem: The hearing aid is cutting in and out and/or the sound quality is distorted.

  • Moisture can sometimes cause a hearing aid to be intermittent or distorted. If you notice the problem occurs after exercising, gardening, or other activities where you may perspire, it could be moisture. Remove the battery from the device and store in a hearing aid saver overnight. Replace the battery in the morning and place in your ear, if the problem persists, call to schedule a hearing aid check appointment.
  • Intermittency and distortion can also occur when a component of the hearing aid malfunctions. These problems are best addressed through a hearing aid check appointment.

Technical Tips for iPhone Compatible Hearing Aids


Updating your operating system can enhance the function of your phone allowing you to take advantage of new features. Unfortunately, new updates can cause temporary disruption in the functionality of your hearing aid app and may require you to repair your hearing aids to your phone.

  • If you notice changes in function and features of your phone and hearing aid, check to make sure your bluetooth is turned on. If so, turn off your phone and perform a hard restart of the phone. If this does not restore function, you will need to forget the pairing and repair according the manufacturer instructions found in your user manual. If you continue to experience problems, contact our office to schedule an appointment, it may be time for a firmware upgrade in your hearing aids.
  • Remember it is best to wait before downloading an operating system update for at least a day or two. You may need to update your hearing aid app after an operating system update to ensure proper functioning. In some cases, you may need to update the firmware in your hearing aids (appointment required).

Using “Triple Click”

If you quickly press the center button three times, you will open a window that will allow you to quickly adjust volume, programs, and live listen features in your hearing aids.

NOTE: For an iPhone 10 that does not have a home button, you will need to configure the triple-click function in settings. Once configured, you can access this feature by using the right button.

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