Voice Disorders in Waukesha

Voice Disorders in Waukesha WI

Are you frustrated that your voice is always hoarse?

Voice problems in Waukesha may get so bad that it’s difficult to communicate with others over the phone or even in person.  This may affect your friendships or your career.

Persistent hoarseness could even be caused by a growth on the vocal cords.  It might be a benign cyst or nodule, but this is a place where a cancer can start.  Anyone who is hoarse for more than a month should be evaluated by an ENT to see what’s causing it.

At Moreland ENT, we know how frustrating voice problems can be.  We are evaluating patients every day for voice disorders.  Our voice lab in Waukesha has the most up to date equipment to allow for a close up, slow motion view of the vocal cords and voice box.  We know how to find out what’s going on, and what to do about it.

If you are having a voice problem in Waukesha, the next steps are simple:

  1. Call for an appointment. 262-547-1614
  2. Meet with the doctor to discuss the problem and for an examination, which might include a short office procedure to look at your voice box.
  3. Work with your doctor to figure out what treatment is best.

Our promise to you:

  1. We will treat you with respect and listen to you.
  2. We will give you honest advice about what we think is best for you- whether it’s surgery or not.
  3. We will answer all of your questions to help you decide on the best course of action.

Stop putting up with a hoarse voice or throat irritation.  Stop worrying about what is causing it.  Start enjoying talking freely and clearly with your friends and coworkers.

Make an appointment at Moreland ENT in Waukesha to find out about solutions.


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